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Small Boss PRO-128 Backpack Sprayer

Small Boss PRO-128 Backpack Sprayer

SKU: 73.701
$399.00 Regular Price
$200.00Sale Price
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Professionals designed the BOSS 128 Backpack Sprayer for interior/exterior professional use. Apply liquid or foam products with its soft, controlled flow technology. It has the flexibility to apply different dilutions, two speeds to adjust for various applications, and four standard-thread brass tips. The comfortable backpack straps give you convenient, efficient, hands-free operation.


  • 1-gallon/4-liter tank with 2-speed switch
  • Trigger gun telescoping wand 10" to 18"
  • High flow: 08 Pin/Cone, 8002 Fan Spray
  • Low Flow: 03 Pin/Cone, 8001 Fan Spray
  • Screen Check Valve
  • Fast charger
  • 1 - 18-volt battery
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