Radiant Heaters

Plenty of heat without too much of a breeze.

Wouldn't it be great if you could heat a space and not have to deal with fans or oscillating wind storms? Well, now you can with our Heatmizer radiant heater!


HeatMizer Radiant Heater

Introducing Hotsy’s HeatMizer Heaters – portable, radiant heaters, offering clean combustion with 99.9% efficiency. Using direct heat flow by radiation, there’s very little air movement. Ideal for warming areas where workers are cleaning, constructions sites, animal pens and curing concrete. Features a metallic forced air insulation pocket between the combustion chamber and the external HEAT SERIES protection cone, which keeps the cone cool to the



• Uses Kerosene, Diesel #1, Diesel #2 or Jet Fuel

• Patented triple cone design
• Low noise level

• Extendable sliding floor shield
• Automatic post-ventilation cooling cycle
• Air pressure switch safety device
• CSA Approved

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