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Agriculture Service Cleaning Equipment

Agriculture Cleaning Equipment

Agriculture can be a very dirty business. Good thing we have the right equipment to help you stay clean and productive. There’s a wide variety of equipment, facilities and gear all involved as part of your farming or agricultural operations. Not everything can be cleaned the same way, however. That’s why at Hotsy Carlson, we have dozens of different solutions – from pressure washers to sanitizers and disinfectants and much more – all made to help keep everything at your animal husbandry, crop planting or other farming operations clean.

Let us put together a customized solution for you!

  • Choose from more than 80 pressure washer models

  • LP units are efficient and safe for use inside barns and other livestock buildings

  • Narrow-width machines are ideal for narrow doors, stalls or alleyways

  • Concentrated detergents that are efficient and cost effective

  • Custom mobile cleaning solutions like trailers, vans and truck-mounted systems to take cleaning power where you need it

  • Solid rubber or pneumatic tires help with moving equipment on feed lots or gravel

  • Hotsy hot-water pressure washers reach water temperatures hot enough to kill harmful bacteria and organisms, lowering the amount of disinfectant needed

Client Testimonials

Capital Land and Livestock is one of the largest cattle companies in the U.S. They buy cattle from sale barns. We’ve got 16 trucks and cattle trailers we haul all over. With the vehicles going that far out, they get a lot of wear and tear. I like it, cause when a wheel seal blows and all that oil gets all over the axle and frames, I can take it out there and it cuts right through it. Cleans it right up, just like having a brand new part. We’ve had other steam cleaners before and they were all time breaking. With the Hotsy, we can go right out there, we keep it on 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Grab the nozzle up, clean it off and away they go. Every piece of equipment gets washed off by the Hotsy pressure washer. Being clean all the time, we keep the dirt and grime out of those seals, so your truck isn’t overheating, you’re keeping the radiator clean. We’ve saved a lot of money since we had it. Haven’t had any service problems at all. They guarantee their work, guarantee their machine. Basically it’s a maintenance free, cost free operation. By keeping the trucks and trailers clean, the drivers do take more pride. The driver is happy, saying look at my truck, it’s clean and shiny I’m on my way!

Charles England / Head Mechanic / Capitol Land and Livestock in Austin, TX

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