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Clean Concrete or a Cement Truck

No matter what type of concrete, we have answers.


Concentrate is a salt of acid specifically designed to remove heavy accumulations of concrete from hard surfaces. It removes heavy concrete build-up found in hard-to reach
areas such as frames under the ring, shoots, bumpers and drums on ready mix concrete trucks and equipment. Its unique formula with super penetrating surfactants will break the bond holding the concrete to
the surface without encouraging rust.

Liquid, Available in 5 gal pails, 55 gal drums, and 275gal totes


Eliminates tough concrete build-up and prevents rusting of ready mix concrete trucks and equipment. Formulated to chemically soften hardened concrete back to a pliable, wet form, Hurricane I makes stubborn residue easy to rinse away. This is a high-foaming product that eliminates the harsh impact of the brush on painted surfaces, will not
encourage flash rusting or long-term damage of metal surfaces and will not damage glass or aluminum. This product comes ready to use. Industrial-strength. Readily  biodegradable. Non-regulated by DOT. Contains no hydrochloric, sulfuric or hydrofluoric acids.

Liquid, Available in 5 gal pails, 55 gal drums, and 275gal totes


Removes daily accumulation of concrete, cement dust, stains and road film. Use Overall to eliminate concrete build-up and prevent rust.

Liquid, Available in 5 gal pails, 55 gal drums, and 275gal totes

Concrete Cleaner

Our best-selling concrete cleaner, Concrete Cleaner is very popular among contract cleaners. This formula is designed to penetrate concrete surfaces for deep cleaning. This product also contains abrasive microbeads that help attack grease and tire marks on driveways, sidewalks and parking pads. Plus, Concrete Cleaner doesn’t just leave surfaces looking great; it also leaves a pleasant smell behind. This detergent should not be applied through the pressure washer.

Powdered, Available in a 50-pound box

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