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Portable Air Coolers for Sale

Working in a hot environment is now a thing of the past.

If you or your workers need a cool environment, we have the best solutions around. Cooling air by vaporizing water, this vaporization cooling system emits no heat exhaust, is earth friendly and health-oriented.


RKF Portable Air Cooler

The RKF Series has adopted the natural cooling phenomenon from a waterfall and applied it to its cooler which creates a comfortable working environment.  Cooling air by vaporizing water, this evaporative cooling system emits no heat exhaust, is earth friendly and health-oriented.



  • EARTH-FRIENDLY PRODUCT: Because it consumes less power, RKF is an energy-saving product. Contributes to the reduction of CO2. In addition, RKF does not have a refrigerant gas such as freon.


  • EASY TRANSPORT: The RKF is equipped with casters for easy moving.

  • ADJUSTABLE SPEEDS: RKF features an easy touch button selector for high, medium or low air volumes.



  • Workplaces such as production lines, factories and warehouses

  • Cooling mechanical equipment and products

  • Indoor or outdoor events

  • Cooling down athletes


Cool-space Glacier 18” Portable Air Cooler

  • Lowers temperatures up to 33 degrees F

  • 33% MORE COOLING surface than standard 6″ media

  • 5 year industry leading warranty on all parts

  • Built in 16 gallon water reservoir for extended use

  • 8″ thick cooling media for extended life

  • Choice of short or tall base

  • 1200 sq.ft. coverage

Other Units Available!

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