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Industrial Cleaning Systems Sales, Service & Rental in TX

Superior Products




That's Hotsy Carlson

Since 1974, Hotsy Carlson has served Central Texas with the highest quality products, service and project expertise around. You've got our word!

We serve just about every type of industry you can imagine!


Oil & Gas

This is one industry that knows how to get dirty! And because of that, we have powerful solutions to clean even the hardest areas to keep your equipment running at peak performance!


Agriculture equipment takes a heavy beating every single day. That's why it's critical to keep your systems as clean as possible. Learn more about how we can help!


Mass transit deals with tremendous volume of people and stress on busses, trains and other forms. We're the experts at designing the perfect solution to keep your services clean and safe!


Reliability in the military is the difference between life and death sometimes. So having your equipment consistently clean is paramount to every operation. 


Safety doesn't happen by accident.

Covid-19 may go or come back in waves, but flu, staph, and other harmful bacteria and germs are something we deal with daily. That's why we created the all-new Defender 5 System for total clean.

We start with cleaning surfaces and go all the way to air purification that's monitored in real-time!

Defender 5

Client Testimonials

Gentlemen, I have owned a Hotsy pressure washer since 2006 and recently purchased another unit from Hotsy Carlson. Dwayne Jacobs was very professional and did a great job listening to my concerns. Now, we are using a foam cannon to apply the soap with ease. His attention to detail and individual training to my employees made me really appreciate my business relationship with Hotsy Carlson.

Ray / Owner / Superior Septic Clean Can in Round Rock, TX

On behalf of the Buda Fire Department / Hays County Emergency Services District #8, I would like to express what a great product the Hotsy Carlson Pressure Washer and the Surface Washer are. We also use the Hotsy soap additive to help with our heavy duty cleaning jobs around the fire stations. Our Hotsy Carlson Equipment – Austin representative is easy to work with and follows up with us to ensure great service. We had the pleasure of doing business with Hotsy and recommend their products.

Clay / Fire Chief / Buda Fire Department in Buda, TX

Fesco LTD had done business with Hotsy Carlson for 8 years now, and we use Hotsy equipment exclusively at all of our facilities. As I have expressed in the past, Hotsy is the best built pressure washer on the market, but Hotsy Carlson backs up their great equipment with exceptional service after the sale. I have been in the oil business for over 20 years and I have never found a pressure washer company more committed to their customers and to their reputation than Hotsy Carlson.

Jim / Fesco, LTD Petroleum Engineers in Alice, TX

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