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Cleaning Supplies for Texas Schools

Dirt and germs go hand-in-hand with kids. We got this.

Peace of mind today when it comes to your child's safety couldn't be more sensitive. Hotsy Carlson has rich experience dealing with schools and all of the associated environments kids frequent. We've create everything from single solutions that are fast and effective, all the way to more complex solutions that use technology to monitor air space in real-time!

Defender 5 delivers immediate trust and effectiveness!

Hotsy Carlson provides a powerful solution that manages the five key areas of cleanliness:

  • Clean

  • Disinfect

  • Protect

  • Purify

  • Monitor

Client Testimonial

We have been purchasing from Hotsy for 8 years now. We are real happy with everything they have provided for us, real happy with the equipment. We have a hot water equipment that we use for our vehicles. We have been using the Vital Oxide product. It has helped us with sanitizing or cleaning the buses and helped with mold and mildew reduction. We have even sprayed it in our air conditioners in the buses. We have a scheduled maintenance program with Hotsy. It has been nothing but great every year. It has been fantastic dealing with them.

Owen Baldwin / Wimberley Independent School District

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