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Kärcher Compact Floor Sweepers
The EB 30/1

An excellent choice for discrete and quick interim cleaning - low noise levels allow for daytime cleaning of quick spills.

This ultra-quiet and compact sweeper is perfect for quick clean-ups in busy and crowded areas. The rechargeable battery pack ensures safety by eliminating trip hazards. The EB 30/1 is built to handle small cleaning jobs in professional working environments.


  • Cordless electric sweeper designed for commercial applications.

  • Flexible and professional interim clean-up

  • Powerful, rechargeable battery provides for up to 45 minutes of operation on hard surface, and up to 30 minutes on carpet.

  • Extremely quiet operation allows for cleaning even during business hours, making it ideal for use in noise sensitive areas

  • Optional high-speed battery charger available for complete charging in 50 minutes.


Kärcher Walk Behind Sweepers
The KM 20/70C

Kärcher's walk-behind sweepers are ideal for cleaning areas up to 39,600 square feet per hour. Available in both manual or battery power, fully adjustable main brooms and dust-free operation.

Speedy sweeping and painless maintenance rolled into one convenient package. This sweeper provides superior sweeping performance in a compact manual push sweeper. It is built to be rugged and durable for long life. 

  • Cleans paths, sidewalks and warehouses quickly and conveniently 

  • Main cylindrical brush is driven by both wheels so that it sweeps equally well in either right or left turns

  • Rugged metal pinion drive for long life

  • Durable design

  • Height of cylindrical brush can be easily adjusted in five positions by a knob on the handle


Kärcher Extractors
The BR 30/15C

Get acquainted with the faster, simpler solution for small area extraction. The BRC 30/15 C is designed to productively clean carpet with less effort, resulting in timesaving productivity gains. In interest of simplicity this machine requires minimal service. It is lightweight and compact for ease of use and transportability. 

Compact deep cleaning solution

  • High performance vacuum motor for faster drying time

Extraction is no sweat

  • Quiet, lightweight, easy to use

  • Designed for minimal service

Portable and mobile

  • Large 10 inch non-marking wheels for easy transport and maneuverability

  • Fold-down handle for easy transportation in any vehicle


Kärcher Scrubbers
The BR 35/12C Bp

The Kärcher BR 35/12 Bp is a compact and lightweight battery-powered floor scrubber that prevents slipping and leaves the floor dry immediately after cleaning. This battery-powered model is ideal for portable use, and prevents tripping over a power cable. Perfect for cleaning small shops, restaurants, gas stations, supermarkets, bathrooms and sanitary areas.

At Hotsy, we help you make big jobs into small jobs.

Make cleaning floors easier with floor cleaning equipment designed to offer effective, efficient, and powerful cleaning to any surface. Hotsy Carlson Equipment offers a variety of models available in stock or by custom order, with self-powered, ride-on and push designs that give you versatility to clean any surface. 

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