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Custom Wash Bay and Truck Washing Station Designs

Standalone pressure washers are great for many applications, but when cleaninglarge trucks and heavy equipment regularly, a standalone pressure washer doesn’t give you the efficiency you need. A hand-held system is a one-user-one-truck proposition. When you have a custom-built truck wash bay from Hotsy Carlson, multiple users can clean equipment at the same time.

Our truck wash building designs are ultimately customizable, enabling you to choose the best system for the way you work. In the greater Austin area, including Austin, Bryan, and Killeen, Hotsy Carlson experts can help you build the custom wash bay or truck washing station that forwards your business and gives you room to grow.

Truck Wash Design Services

Your Hotsy Carlson cleaning experts can help you think through the features you need in your Hotsy wash bay system. Will you use it in-house only? Will it be pay-per-wash? Will you charge by time? How many people will use the system at once? Do you need a mobile system?

As you talk through the capabilities you need, our experienced staff can add the elements to your system that give you precisely what you need. You can customize by adding optionsto the stationary pressure washer you choose. Your Hotsy Carlson expert will have many more ideas for your setup, but here are a few of the choices:

  • Hot and cold-water delivery systems

  • Flexible arrangements of hoses, booms, trolleys, and reels

  • Multi-user setups

  • Large detergent tanks and cleaning products you can buy in bulk and fill less often

  • Coin-operation, credit card, or time-based systems

  • Wands and nozzles that give you the reach and capability you need

  • Undercarriage cleaners

  • Water reuse and recycling systems

  • Hydrominders to mix soaps in recommended concentrations

Custom Wash Bay Systems & Truck Washing Station Designs

Our staff is highly trained and experienced with providing consulting and design solutions for custom wash bay systems or large vehicle wash systems. Whether you need a custom truck washing station design or help creating the perfect wash bay layout, a mobile wash system or a comprehensive solution that considers everything from your washing space to wash water treatment and reclamation, our team can work with you to identify your needs and recommend a solution that’s tailored for your operations.

We know how to help every type of business stay totally clean

Hotsy Carlson products aren't just for dirt and grime, we've designs systems even within the food industry to keep producers on top of their FDA requirements when it comes to food safety!

Our friends at Lone Star Foods counts on our unique knowledge and product implementation to help them solve challenges and stay on point so they can produce the finest quality products.

Solutions for Cleaning Vehicles & Heavy Equipment

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Your Source for Truck Wash Bay Systems in Central Texas


Austin is one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the U.S., and Hotsy Carlson is proud to have been proud to be part of that growth since 1974. Our knowledgeable Austinteam works out of this branch, where we offer a showroom, a service center, and rental services. Our experts are happy to consult with you about the truck wash bay design you need in Austin.

We also provide mobile service in Central Texas and the Hill Country, including the following counties: Bastrop, Blanco, Burnet, Caldwell, Dewitt, Fayette, Gonzales, Hays, Karnes, Lavaca, Williamson, and Wilson.


Hotsy Carlson serves Brazos County with sales, parts, and service for industrial cleaning equipment. Since 2004, we’ve offered businesses in the Brazos Valley the custom wash bay solutions that keep the area’s businesses moving and growing with stellar consulting and service. Stop by and see us, or give us a call to discuss your industrial cleaning challenges. We have solutions for purchase or rent.

We offer mobile service in these counties: Brazos, Burleson, Grimes, Lee, Leon, Madison, Milam, Robertson, and Walker.


When environmental concerns are at the top of your truck wash bay list, Hotsy Carlson is your source for information and solutions in Fort Hood, Killeen, and Temple. Regulations from the city, county, and state define what can and cannot go into the wastewater, and compliance is becoming increasingly important.

We’ve hired a full-time environmental system specialist at our Killeen branch who can help you navigate best practices. Whether you’re cleaning vehicles and equipment for transportation fleets, construction equipment, waste management, oil and gas, or another industry, we’re here to help you keep your equipment clean and reduce your environmental impact and liability.

Contact Hotsy Carlson for your custom Truck Wash Bay Design

When you’re ready to superpower your truck washing capabilities, contact Hotsy Carlson in Austin, Bryan, or Killeen. Our knowledgeable customer service representatives will help you define what you need, assemble the package, and arrange installation, products, a maintenance plan, and service.

We even have financing options to help you manage cash flow and spread costs over time. We take the load off so you can concentrate on your business. Contact us today!

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