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Hotsy Carlson Equipment in Killeen, TX

Hotsy Carlson’s location in Killeen, serves nearby Temple, Fort Hood and the entire Central Texas region with industrial cleaning supplies. The location opened in 2000 with Daniel Emblen serving as District Manager of the store today.

Hotsy Carlson Equipment is a Certified All Star Dealer of Hotsy, the professional’s choice in pressure washing equipment and cleaning solutions.

Phone: (254) 200-1660

Fax: (254) 442-3190

Our Killeen branch stocks a large inventory of equipment in our warehouse, We have a fleet of service trucks that provide onsite equipment maintenance, parts repair and detergent refills. We travel as far north as the city of Waco and frequently visit rural oil fields and farms to urban cities throughout Central Texas. Drop off equipment in our store or schedule an appointment at your job site. 

We sell direct to commercial cleaning contractors, direct to the federal government and direct to businesses in a variety of industries. Below are a few highlights of our services.

Store Hours: 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Monday thru Friday

Hotsy Designs Wash Bay and Water Reclamation Systems

Our Killeen branch has a full-time environmental system specialist that is knowledgeable about state, county and city wastewater regulations. Collecting and recycling waste water is important for rock quarries, waste management, mining operations, oil and gas extraction and manufacturers.


Within Central Texas, a large portion of the economy is served by heavy equipment, industrial machinery, military vehicles, construction equipment, transportation fleets and freight trains. Regularly pressure washing vehicles and equipment is critical to maintenance. Important to minimizing downtime, cleaning costs and environmental liability are waste water reclamation systems. These systems are frequently combined with custom wash bays, allowing employees to clean quickly and efficiently. 

Hotsy Provides Disinfection for Hospitals to Schools

Major universities and colleges to public, private and charter schools in Killeen-Temple rely on Hotsy as an industrial equipment supplier. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, student safety in the classroom and illness prevention on the bus have become more important for districts throughout Texas. Hotsy’s equipment is also deployed in athletic facilities (gyms, locker rooms and stadiums).

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Going beyond cleaning, Hotsy provides sanitization solutions for healthcare and education industries within the Killeen-Temple economy. Did you know that health care and social assistance is the largest employer in Bell County by number of workers? Baylor Scott & White and Temple Health and BioScience District are major employers. However, a robust network of family doctor offices to hospitals to senior living facilities rely on Hotsy equipment. Prevention of staph infections (MRSA), coronavirus and odor control are critical in healthcare facilities. Not only do we provide sales of electrostatic sprayers, floor cleaners and steamers, but a full lineup of detergents.

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