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Cash flow is king in business, we can help.

Obviously, not everyone can plop down huge sums of money for expensive equipment and services. But that also doesn't take away the need! At Hotsy Carlson, we'll help you with some creative financing options so money won't stand in the way of your business success!

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•All credits welcome, including startups


•Pick the payment plan that best fits a budget. No application or document fees and no early payoff penalty. Possible tax benefits


•Instant approvals up to $25,000.00 – No hard credit pulls


•e-Documents – easy and secure with DocuSign allowing for fast funding

Benefits of Financing your Equipment:

Improves Cash Flow - New equipment either saves money on current expenses or increases income. Why commit all of your cash up-front when your equipment can pay for itself over time?


Preserves Credit - Bank lines and other lending sources are free to finance business expansion. Newer and fast-growing businesses especially benefit from establishing a new credit source.


Flexible Programs - Some customers have special situations that may be addressed with creative lease programs.


Equipment Ownership – You own the equipment at the end of the lease term. LCC makes it simple – the equipment is purchased by surrender of an initial security deposit or a $1.00 buyout on all standard plans.


Convenience/Speed – Apply for financing with our EquipMoney online credit application in minutes. The Lease Consultants team makes the financing process fast and simple!


Possible Tax Benefits – Financing your equipment can bring certain tax advantages to your business. Consult with your tax professional on how leasing can best benefit you.


More Than 80% of Businesses Lease Equipment – Financing helps businesses mitigate the financial risk of large cash purchases. The various benefits that financing offers helps businesses grow and stay competitive within their markets.

Financing and Leasing

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