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Industrial Cleaning Equipment Supplier & Service in Austin, TX

Located in southeast Austin, Hotsy Carlson Equipment was established in 1974 and serves the entire Central Texas region. We are recognized as one of the oldest franchises and dealers of Hotsy branded pressure washers, parts and accessories. Our team is experienced in supplying industrial cleaning solutions and equipment to Austin businesses and contractors.

Phone: (512) 442-2267 

Fax:     (512) 442-3190

Address: 4711 E 7th St, Austin TX 78702

Our new headquarters in Austiin includes a showroom, rental, and parts and equipment service center. Over the years, we have helped Austin businesses keep equipment and vehicles clean and grow operations.

When Hotsy first opened in the 1970’s, Austin was a sleepy town with agriculture the main driver of the economy in Travis County. Although our equipment is still used by farmers, there are now a wide range of industries and applications where Hotsy Carlson solutions are deployed.

Store Hours: 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Monday thru Friday

Industrial Pressure Washers for Austin Construction

Austin’s economy depends on growth and in 2020, the city was recognized as one of the fastest growing large metros in the U.S. Construction is the backbone of driving growth, providing homes for newcomers, to building new office space to roads and infrastructure. Construction crews and equipment in Central Texas are in high demand. Prevent rust, wash away caked on dirt and prevent downtime for repairs with hot water pressure washers. We even sell mounted equipment for trailers, pickup trucks and design wash bays to keep a fleet of construction vehicles clean.

Steam Cleaning Equipment for Food Service

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Industrial Cleaning Supplies for Government

The State of Texas, UT Austin, and many government agencies are based in the capital. Hotsy is proud to be a vendor on the Centralized Master Bidder List (CMBL) and service the federal government as a contractor.


Our equipment is utilized by EMS fleets, public works including TXDOT, parks & rec departments and more. Hotsy hot water pressure washers keep fleets clean and remove exterior graffiti, gum, mold, and grime.


Water reclamation systems, disinfection chemicals, sprayers, coolers and heaters round out our product inventory in high demand by government entities.

Austin is a foodie city and tourist destination with a high number of restaurants per resident. Whether you’re a chef at a high end restaurant or the owner of a food truck, cleaning is critical to your operations. We sell the full lineup of Hotsy branded pressure washers and Optima steam cleaners. Popular with the food service industry are portable, compact and electric models.

Austin also boasts the most breweries of any city in Texas and a growing number of wineries and distilleries operate in the Hill Country. Every brewer, winemaker or distiller knows that the key to production is sanitization. Hotsy Carlson offers equipment that reach high temperatures that kill harmful bacteria and viruses. Use less detergent while maintaining high disinfection standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

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