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Custom pressure washer trailers from Hotsy Carlson give you everything you need for mobile cleaning anywhere. Hotsy Carlson provides expert advice and a full range of options to configure your trailer-mounted cleaning system.

Mobile cleaning packages typically include a pressure washer and water storage tank of your choice mounted on a trailer or utility vehicle. We also offer a variety of optional accessories and equipment, such as hose reels, lights, and toolboxes, to help make your mobile cleaning unit as efficient as possible for parking lots, paved surfaces, and other cleaning needs.

You can mount our custom, superior cleaning equipment packages on most commercial utility vehicles:

  • Pickup trucks

  • Vans

  • Jeeps

  • Flatbed trucks

  • Open and enclosed trailers

  • Box trucks

  • Heavy-duty trailers with single, double, or triple axels

Customize your own portable washing trailer today!

Mobility Type
Pressure Washer Type
Hot Water Options
Water Tank Size
Cold Water Options

Mobile Water Recycling, Washing & More

Hotsy offers standard truck-mounted equipment packages and various custom-build configurations to meet your unique needs. If you need special capabilities like mobile water reclamation, waste water collection, a portable hot-water pressure washing unit, or other requirements, speak with our team to find the right solution.


Your package can include a trailer, or we can build your cleaning unit on your own equipment. We have installed pressure washer systems in almost any vehicle you can imagine. Let us know your ideas and needs, and we can help!

Why Choose a Mobile Custom Pressure Washer Trailer?


If you’re in the street or property maintenance business or have a construction operation, a custom-build pressure washer trailer gives you not only efficiency in your current services but also serves as an additional profit center for your business. Hotsy Carlson in Texas’ Hill Country provides you with expert advice and a full range of options to configure your trailer-mounted cleaning system. 


One thing you can always count on is that things will always need to be cleaned, regardless of the economy, so pressure washing is a recession-proof business. With a pressure washer on a trailer or other vehicle, you can go anywhere to serve your customers. These systems are reliable and robust, tolerating even rough terrain.


Contact Hotsy Carlson for All Your Pressure Washer Needs

When considering a pressure washer to accelerate your business, look no further than Hotsy Carlson. We have the experience and products under one roof to build the superior cleaning equipment you need. Contact us online, or call our knowledgeable customer service representatives at (254) 200-1660.

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Custom Pressure Washer Trailer

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