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Hotsy Heaters for Sale

If you need radiant heat, you've come to the right place.

Radiant heat travels in a straight line, unlike hot air, it is unaffected by wind or cold ambient air. Heat penetrates evenly just like heat from the sunlight. Since infrared heat can penetrate the object, the targeted surface and object are warmed and/or dried in a uniquely different way from any conventional heater which utilizes heated air.

These heaters are great for use in wash bays, warehouses, outdoor events and sidelines, for curing concrete, heating at a construction site, warming sewers for work crews or even heating animal pens.

It's called a heat cannon for a good reason.

Indirect Heaters
Hotsy Redhot Cannon.png

Hotsy Redhot Cannon

Introducing Hotsy’s RedHot Cannon Heaters – diesel indirect-fired portable heaters use an embedded burner with combustion air obtained from the main ventilation fan. Models feature a heat exchanger which contains the flame and expels fumes through a chimney which can be connected to the outside. Four pass heat exchange technology allows exhaust gases to increase heat exchange with the cooling air, and obtain maximum thermal efficiency.



• Air pressure switch safety device
• Auto post ventilation cooling cycle
• 6-inch flue size
• CSA Approved

Plenty of heat without too much of a breeze.

Wouldn't it be great if you could heat a space and not have to deal with fans or oscillating wind storms? Well, now you can with our Heatmizer radiant heater!

Radiant Heates

HeatMizer Radiant Heater


Introducing Hotsy’s HeatMizer Heaters – portable, radiant heaters, offering clean combustion with 99.9% efficiency. Using direct heat flow by radiation, there’s very little air movement. Ideal for warming areas where workers are cleaning, constructions sites, animal pens and curing concrete. Features a metallic forced air insulation pocket between the combustion chamber and the external HEAT SERIES protection cone, which keeps the cone cool to the



• Uses Kerosene, Diesel #1, Diesel #2 or Jet Fuel

• Patented triple cone design
• Low noise level

• Extendable sliding floor shield
• Automatic post-ventilation cooling cycle
• Air pressure switch safety device
• CSA Approved

Hotsy Carlson Is Your Source for Industrial Shop Heaters


Hotsy Carlson carries a broad range of industrial shop heaters that work in every space. You might need more heat toward uninsulated walls or doors or where leaks let in cold air and less toward the center of the warehouse. A different heater might be best for outdoor applications. Choosing the right heater for your space keeps employees comfortable andsaves on energy costs by heating only the areas that need it.


If you’re living or doing business in Texas, you know about extreme temperatures. Keeping a reasonable and safe temperature for employees throughout work areas and large warehouse spaces is a challenge when temperatures dip to or below freezing.


Industrial Heaters for Every Need


Every workspace, warehouse, or other large space is different, so Hotsy heaters come in a broad range of heater types for various applications that run on different fuel sources. Our heaters are radiant or infrared(which mean the same thing) and are ideal for the following diverse applications:

  • High school and college-level sports teams, locker rooms, and sidelines

  • Industrial warehouse spaces

  • Paint drying

  • Wash bays

  • Outdoor events

  • Constructions sites

  • Animal pens

Radiant Heat


We carry industrial heaters that operate using radiant heat. Radiant heat is extremely effective for these applications because it travels in a straight line and wind or cold ambient air don’t affect it.

Radiant heat uses infrared radiation to generate warmth, which heats walls, floors, and people without having to heat the air first. You get instant warming with multiple benefits:

  • Penetrates evenly

  • Effective even in wind

  • Odorless

  • Energy efficient

  • Dust-free

  • Emits no air stream

  • Quiet

How Does a Radiant Shop Heater Work?

Radiant heat transmits electromagnetic waves to objects in a room, which absorb the heat, warming the space. There is no need for the objects to have direct contact with the heater. The radiant heat comes from an infrared radiant energy source.

Some diesel radiant heaters are called infrared and others are called radiant. The difference between an infrared shop heater and a radiant shop heating is a matter of temperature. Both emanate from infrared energy, but radiant has a longer wavelength with temperatures in the 150-degree Fahrenheit range, and infrared has a longer wavelength with temperatures around 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Radiant heat is ideal in situations where forced air or baseboard heat isn’t practical, perhaps because furniture or materials are in the way. It’s great for offices, or by windows. Infrared heat is ideal for outdoor areas, large warehouses, and loading docks.


How Does Convection Heat Work?

Convection heaters are the types of heaters you might be familiar with for your home. They operate by moving air over a heating element and blowing it into an area.

When you place a heated object in water or air, molecules that touch the heated object expand, moving up and away from the object. Cooler molecules sink, contacting the heat source. As they warm, the same cycle repeats until all the air reaches the same temperature.

This type of heater typically comes with a thermostat and/or timer so you can set them up to heat a space before people arrive in the space.


Why Is Radiant Heat More Effective than Convection Heat?

Radiant heaters warm materials faster than convection heaters. People or objects absorb the electromagnetic waves they emit, and the waves convert into heat. Radiant heat is directional and isn’t affected by the substances it moves through. The waves move straight ahead and skin, furniture, and clothes absorb them, quickly creating heat. This makes them more energy-efficient than convection heaters.

A convection system has to heat all the air in the space. Warm air rises, so it has to be pushed back down again to effectively heat the space. Air isn’t the best heat conductor, so convection heaters are slower than radiant heaters since they have to warm all the air until the room has a consistent temperature.


OSHA Guidelines

People are comfortable at different temperatures, so OSHA does not give a particular temperature at which a facility must be kept. The agency does, however, hold employers responsible for providing workers with a place of employment free from recognized hazards, including cold stress.

The conditions that can occur from cold stress include the following:

  • Hypothermia – when body heat escapes faster than it can be replenished and body temperature dips to less than 95 degrees Fahrenheit

  • Frostbite – when skin or underlying tissues freeze, particularly feet and hands

  • Trench foot – when feet are exposed to wet or cold temperatures, circulation in the feet shuts down and skin tissue begins to die


Which Heater Do I Need?

When it comes to deciding on a heater, it’s important to invest in the radiant shop heater that’s right for your application. Choosing the correct type and fuel source goes a long way toward a heater’s effectiveness.

Hotsy Carlson offers a broad range of Hotsy heaters to suit every industrial shop heater need.

  • The Hotsy RedHot Cannon – This diesel shop heater has an embedded burner, and it’s built with a heat exchanger that ejects fumes through an outdoor-vented chimney.

  • HeatMizer Radiant Heater –This heater can run on kerosene, diesel #1 or #2, or jet fuel. Runs clean with 99.9% efficiency and has very little air movement.

  • VAL6 Industrial Space Heaters –Our portable VAL6 heaters for sale deliver efficient, dependable radiant heat. They run on kerosene, fuel oil, or #2 diesel and transfer even heat unaffected by wind. They generate practically no air movement, so they’re ideal in an area that has to remain smoke- and dust-free. Using only a third of the fuel of conventional heaters, these heaters run up to 15 hours per tank.


Hotsy Carlson has the expertise to assist you in choosing the best heater for your space. We serve North Central Texas from our locations in Killeen, Austin, and Bryan. Our friendly customer service representatives are available by phone to discuss your heating needsand provide a quote. Contact us today or call us at 800-776-8310.

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