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Sanitation Solutions for Locker Rooms to Gyms

Sports = Dirt and Germs.

Whether it's football, baseball, volleyball, you name it, activities bring all of the trappings that Hotsy Carlson built a company to clean. We're great at creating a winning solution for any school, activity arena, sports gathering place or locker rooms. Our decades of expertise combined with our knowledge of industry-leading, safe solutions its second to none.

  • Disinfection using safe, green yet powerful sprayers and solutions

  • End-to-end air control systems that monitor and balance environments in real-time

  • Specific surface and air therapies that are proven and work for extended time periods against a wide array of pathogens

  • Custom solutions to fit every sized budget

We create solutions where it matters most!

Hotsy Carlson provides simple solutions that combine multiple products and processes that work:

  • Pressure washer operator manuals and/or training to end users

  • Delivery or shipment of pressure washer parts and accessories worldwide

  • Repairs for any brand of pressure washer

  • In-stock replacement parts and accessories

  • System consultant services

  • Wash water and wastewater recycling and reclamation or discharge

  • Wash bay design and installation

  • Wastewater evaporator systems

  • Oil-water separators and waste oil burners

  • Environmental concerns (city regulations and wastewater violations)

  • Mobile cleaning trailer design (visit trailer mounted systems to learn more)

  • In-line cleaning systems with remote control stations and multiple drops

Client Testimonials

I wanted to let you know how happy we are with Vital Oxide,  Even before the Covid Virus entered the picture we were having excellent results in preventing staph and MRSA bacteria in our athletic facilities.  Now with the Virus it has become a mainstay in disinfecting our dressing rooms, Athletic Training rooms and our strength and conditioning facilities.  The Food grade component has also made a very convenient, safe treatment for sanitizing our coolers and hydration equipment. Thanks for support for the safety of our student athletes and staff with Vital Oxide.. 

Karl Kapchinski / College Station ISD

I have been using vital oxide in a victory sprayer since the Fall of 2018. From the very start of using the product, I could tell an immediate improvement in the odor of locker room. Now since COVID we have been using it much more often and continue to have great results. It does not damage our equipment and does not leave a residue. I love this product and recommend it to all my fellow athletic trainers!

Catherine Windsor, MS, LAT, AT / Athletic Trainer / New Caney Middle School

How has Vital Oxide been working for you guys? Oh we love it, the best thing about it is twofold. You can do it on your own time, you don’t have to have people come in and reschedule your schedule around them. And just the simplicity of it. We will walk in, spraying locker rooms regularly. It’s extremely simple and it’s harmless and gets the job done. Has it helped you guys with MRSA and Staph Infections? Absolutely, early in the year, we actually had 3 cases in the first three weeks of school. Since then, we haven’t had any. I think it’s completely a testimony to what this product can do.

JAKE GRIEDL, Athletic Director / Marshall ISD 

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