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Comparing Commercial and Residential Pressure Washers

Pressure washers can be great for both commercial and residential projects. Whether pressure washing your front sidewalk or cleaning oil stains out of a garage floor, using a power washer can make these tasks increasingly easier to manage. Depending on the job and the kind of environment you are looking to clean, finding the right pressure washer rental for a project or task can vary.

Types Of Pressure Washers

Pressure washers are used in many tasks and across several industries to clean dirt or grime from various surfaces. The high-powered nozzle sends a jet of pressurized water out to blast away debris on any surface, such as siding, concrete, brick, metal, or pieces of machinery like cars and farm equipment. Each pressure washer can range in size and shape, carrying different amounts of water depending on the water box on the machine. For example, the Hotsy 500 Series is better for smaller jobs, carrying less water than a larger water box like the Hotsy 1800 Series. Overall, the machine’s intended purpose will have the largest impact on its performance for a specific task.

Depending on their intended use and functionality, pressure washers can range drastically from unit to unit. For example, cold water pressure washers are better at removing paint and debris from different surfaces, while hot water pressure washers are better at getting rid of stuck-on grime or stubborn materials like grease and oil stains. The way a pressure washer runs can also affect what it needs to be used for and how long each use can last. Gas-operated pressure washers are better for completing tasks requiring more mobility or in a location that may not have access to electrical power. In contrast, electric pressure washers are powerful tools for sustained tasks and use.

What Makes Commercial and Residential Pressure Washers Different?

When buying a new unit, understanding the difference between a commercial vs. residential pressure washer is imperative for making the right purchase. Many may believe that the two are interchangeable and that all pressure washers are the same. However, the differences between the kinds of pressure washers on the market vary drastically. Some of the biggest differences include:

Use Differences

Residential and commercial pressure washers are intended to clean up different kinds of messes, meaning that each type of pressure washer is good for a specific task. When using residential pressure washers, typical tasks include cleaning out driveways, cleaning the sides of a house, or removing paint from decking or siding to start other renovation projects. On the other hand, commercial pressure washers are usually intended to clean up larger messes or take care of harder-to-remove stains and paint. This can include removing improperly placed road markings or graffiti on buildings.

Equipment Differences

Machines used for residential pressure washing services typically have a lower PSI than other units because of the caliber of work they need to do. A lower PSI pressure washer can remove moss or mildew from a home’s siding or sidewalk. Large-scale cleanup jobs, especially those like cleaning an auto shop floor or graffiti removal, require a higher PSI. Using a machine with too high of a PSI can also damage fragile structures like your siding if used improperly. Overall, the intensity of these machines matches their intended use. If used for the wrong task, these pressure washers can potentially cause serious damage.

Durability Differences

Commercial pressure washers are not only more effective, but they are also more adaptable than residential pressure washers. Normal residential power washers can still be high-quality, reliable pieces of machinery, but when compared to commercial pressure washers, their output is not the same. Manufacturers typically go above and beyond with their industrial pressure cleaning equipment. They have more durable construction and can endure the harsh circumstances they will be subjected to in industrial and commercial situations. For example, Hotsy's 700 Series pressure washer is perfect for larger-scale commercial pressure washing services due to its high capacity and durability. Commercial pressure washers are also more adaptable to the work environment in which they are needed because of their portability, allowing them to travel from site to site easily.

Operational Differences

Most pressure washers available for rent or purchase are either gas-powered or electric-powered, and both are more useful for certain projects. Gas-powered pressure washers are favorable for more commercial pressure washing jobs because they do not require an electrical connection to run. This makes them more portable and better suited for remote locations. On the other hand, because electric-powered power washers require an outlet, they can be easily used for residential projects within a reasonable distance from a house.

Finding the Right Pressure Washer Rental

With any home improvement or workplace cleaning project, the right tools make a difference. Using the right pressure washer for your task is imperative for getting the desired results. At Hotsy, our team of professionals can help you find the right pressure washer rental for your project. To get in touch with our team about getting a commercial or residential pressure washer, visit our website and contact us today.

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