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Cleaning Supplier for the Construction Industry

Heavy equipment calls for heavy duty cleaning equipment.

Hotsy pressure washers help keep equipment CLEAN, which is the foundation of keeping your operations running effectively, efficiently and safely. Having clean equipment makes it easier to detect oil leaks or repair needs before they become an issue. Washing regularly also keeps dirt and grime at bay, helping to prevent overheating or premature wear.

Keep your machinery running great – and looking great – with pressure washers, detergents and more from Hotsy.

If it's construction, Hotsy Carlson has the blueprint for clean

  • Choose from more than 80 pressure washer models

  • Hot-water, gas-engine machines are easy to mount on trailers or truckbeds for maximum portability at any job site

  • Use LP or natural gas units for equipment storage rooms or as part of your wash bay configuration

  • Choose a portable oil-fired unit for use in multiple locations

  • Gas-engine, belt-drive units can draw water up to 12 feet, or are easily adapted to use with water tanks, tanker trucks or collection and retention ponds

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