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Facilities Management Cleaning Supplier

Cleaning Supplier in Texas for Entertainment Venues to Stadiums

We have. And that's why Hotsy Carlson has the most powerful solutions that can clean, maintain and deliver the best possible outcome for people everywhere. Facilities management isn't a job that just anyone can handle. It takes a lot of knowledge and experience to tackle something so huge. We're on your team!

No matter how big or small your job may be, Hotsy has you covered.

  • Hot-water pressure washers help blast away grease, oil and other substances while helping to sanitize

  • Sticky floors and walls blasted away in seconds

  • Concrete brought back to clean in a snap

  • Parking areas are no challenge for Hotsy Products

Client Testimonials

The Tobin Center opened in 2014 and quickly became the number one ranked performing arts center in the world. And we have kept that momentum in all of the years that we have opened. There was no performing arts center before we opened, San Antonio was one of the largest cities in the country without one. We are home to the San Antonio symphony, Opera, the Ballet, and three other resident companies. Our job is to give those art forms a world class venue to perform in.


With the COVID-19 Pandemic, like everyone in the country, the biggest issue was the shows and traveling, people weren’t coming to the shows. Back in March of 2020 we fully shut down. Our facility maintenance staff came back in May to open the building up and try and get this under control. We officially reopened in June of 2020 to the public, so we were only closed for a couple of months. However there weren’t a lot of touring shows. We weren’t able to bring performances here, we were just opened. We did a lot of community events and movie nights outside on our plaza, lots of events just to engage our community. We have been hit financially very hard by the pandemic.


The first priority was the safety of our staff, then the safety of our volunteers, the patrons and performers. We kind of did it in that order. As soon as the pandemic hit, we knew we needed to come up with some new and improved cleaning and sanitation protocols. I asked Jack to reach out to the industry and find out what we could get for disinfects, sanitizing machines that could handle a building of this size.


Hotsy came down for a demonstration of Victory Sprayers and Vital Oxide in the main lobby and our team was having a great time with it. We deciding during the demo that it would be the best way to go, because our team could clean the whole building, all the restrooms and other areas that we are responsible for. It was perfect, it did what we thought would be the ideal battle against COVID. We make sure to do it now, even when we aren’t open. We still spray to keep the building up and running. We spray before every performance and hit the entire building in the morning, a three hour run to clean all areas the patrons will be at. For protection, we want people to come back and we’ve had a good record so far.


We have been really encouraged by the feedback from patrons coming into shows. When we come and see a lot of things we are doing to keep the building safe and clean. Masks and social distancing, spraying of all the surfaces, seats, and railings. It’s encouraging to us that they go back out to the community and tell their friends that it’s a safe place to be. There is no question that it is better and easier, it covers everything.

Michael Fresher / President & CEO / The Tobin Center

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