Food Service Cleaning Equipment

When it comes to food, taste and clean go hand-in-hand.

Hotsy Carlson knows what you need from your cleaning equipment. Food and winery environments have very stringent cleanliness requirements, and we offer a full range of solutions for clean, all designed to help you work more efficiently, effectively and safely. 

Our food industry clients swear by Hotsy Carlson.

  • Hotsy pressure washers help ensure surfaces and equipment are properly sanitized to meet your needs

  • Portable LP gas-fired models are compact and easy to navigate in narrow or confined spaces

  • Hot-water pressure washers are easily modified with a steam valve and flow switch, allowing you to reach higher temperatures at lower pressures

  • Electronic ignition upgrade available

  • Hot-water models easily sustain water temperatures high enough to kill harmful bacteria and microorganisms

  • Wide variety of GPM and pressure configurations available