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Restaurant Cleaning Supplier in Austin

When it comes to food, taste and clean go hand-in-hand.

Hotsy Carlson knows what you need from your cleaning equipment. Food and winery environments have very stringent cleanliness requirements, and we offer a full range of solutions for clean, all designed to help you work more efficiently, effectively and safely. 

Our food industry clients swear by Hotsy Carlson.

  • Hotsy pressure washers help ensure surfaces and equipment are properly sanitized to meet your needs

  • Portable LP gas-fired models are compact and easy to navigate in narrow or confined spaces

  • Hot-water pressure washers are easily modified with a steam valve and flow switch, allowing you to reach higher temperatures at lower pressures

  • Electronic ignition upgrade available

  • Hot-water models easily sustain water temperatures high enough to kill harmful bacteria and microorganisms

  • Wide variety of GPM and pressure configurations available

Client Testimonials

We have commercial laundry facilities across the nation and across the world. We have been around for 130 years, and are a family owned commercial uniform business that primarily serves the food service industry throughout Texas.

Our previous cleaning methods were pretty much standard. We would wipe down surfaces and occasionally mop the floors. Out in the plant, we would use air sprayers to get all the dust out. We looked at some other companies, but Victory was most helpful. Hotsy Carlson, our local dealer here came out a couple times and showed us a demonstration on how to use it in the facility and see how awesome it is.

The Vital Oxide, when applied correctly with the Victory Sprayer electrostatic system will bond on the surface and will stay for about seven plus days and still be activated. The molecules are still there, disrupting any virus that lands on the surface so that’s the beauty of it.

We can spray it daily into our common areas where our team is coming in, and they see it as a value. With the addition of these sprayers and sanitizing, we took it to another level. Using the electrostatic sprayer is easy, not only for the person that is doing it, but for the customer. It creates great coverage with a 360 wrap underneath the surfaces that you are spraying. It’s easy and quick, and a hospital grade disinfectant that we are applying, you can ensure that mold, mildew, viruses are all killed with this spray. Everyone that comes in and out of our operations and every account that we come out of are really appreciate of everything that the Victory sprayer will bring and the technicians spraying it. It helps them stay safe and get home to their families safe, continue to work and make a living, so it’s really positive.

Clean Shield is a program we came up with in March of 2020. The concept started to come together as we were looking for additional revenue streams especially when COVID hit. A large base of customers for ALSCO are restaurants and they were shut down or with limited capacity. We provide Clean Shield for our customers, if they do have an outbreak in their facility we can come in and disinfect their entire building. Their team can feel comfortable coming back in and they can open back up for business.

Hotsy’s Carlson partners with ALSCO and their Clean Shield program. We support their protocol, training and how to apply Vital Oxide correctly with Victory Sprayers.

There are definitely new standards that we have all adapted to. Whether it’s washing your hands more frequently, hand sanitizer, etc. Using this electrostatic sprayer is a new standard for our company and our clients are very pleased with it. Everyone in our company and everywhere understands that you need to keep yourselves and your family safe. We need to do everything we can to keep everyone from getting sick. Using the sprayers and sanitizers are something that will never go away. It protects the customers that are coming into the restaurant, and it protects their team. I hope that we hold on to this practice because it is needed and we are living in a new world now.

Ryan Howick / SOP Compliance Manager / Alsco Uniforms Branch in Austin

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