Oil Industry Customers

Your job is tough enough, we just made it easier.

Hotsy Carlson has worked with customers in the oil, gas and mining industries for years, and we have a range of solutions to meet the diverse cleaning needs found with these types of job sites and equipment. Hotsy pressure washing equipment offers power and efficiency, and requires little maintenance. There’s no open flame used for heating, making it safe for gas and oil fields, and every pressure washer is backed by Hotsy Carlson’s decades of experience with oil, gas and mining operations.

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The Oil & Gas industry relies on Hotsy Carlson for clean equipment

  • Choose from more than 80 models of hot- and cold-water pressure washers

  • Equipment designed for oil and gas rigs – both electric and diesel-fired units meet all safety requirements

  • Safer than traditional diesel-fired burners, Hotsy pressure washers are ETL certified to UL-1776 safety standards

  • No need to cool down the heating coil after use

  • Low-maintenance requirements make these units oil-field ready