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VAL 6 FIR 1300 Far Infrared Heater

VAL 6 FIR 1300 Far Infrared Heater

SKU: Val6-Fir1300
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FIR1300 is the Val6 Series’ Far-Infrared heater. With safer and deeper heat penetration with less intensity, Val6 can be used in a wider range of environments than ever before. By tuning the frequency of infrared-radiation specifically to our bodies and surroundings, FIR1300 is the most efficient, “people friendly” Val 6 ever.

FIR1300 features a closed-flame design that makes the heater suitable for indoor environments with a clean exhaust and low noise design that allows for quiet operation in any environment.

A built-in thermostat keeps the space at the perfect comfortable temperature all the time.



LARGER SURFACE AREA – Compared to traditional VAL6 that uses a radiation disk design, this tube-style radiation surface offers much greater surface area resulting in higher thermal efficiency than other VAL6

CLOSED-FLAME DESIGN – The enclosed burner allows the heater to be used and accepted into a wider range of use-cases as closed flame heaters are regulated differently than traditional, Open-Flame heaters.

SAFETY – The outer surface of the heater stays warm to the touch, reducing the risk of burns from contact with the heater.

CLEAN EXHAUST – Due to the high efficiency of the FIR1300, the exhaust contains undetectable ammounts of Carbon Monoxide. Greatly increasing where VAL6 can be used.

BUILT IN THERMOSTAT – The surrounding temperature can be maintained with the built-in thermostat. An external thermostat can also be attached via a connector to control temperatures that are a distance away.

This product is not available for purchase online and is only available in our Austin, Killeen or Temple stores. Call for pricing.
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