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VAL 6 GN5/GP5 Infrared Heater

VAL 6 GN5/GP5 Infrared Heater

SKU: Val6-Gn5/Gp5
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The GN5/GP5 (natural gas/propane) is the newest model produced for the Val6 series. It incorporates a gas burner into our infrared heater technology as it utilizes a premixed combustion burner that creates a blue flame due to premixing the fuel gas and air in advance. This means virtually silent operation and clean combustion.


Below are practical applications of how GN5/GP5 can serve you and your needs.

  • Construction Sites

  • Workshop

  • Warehouses

  • Job site

  • Outdoor projects

This product is not available for purchase online and is only available in our Austin, Killeen or Temple stores. Submit an order and a rep will provide pricing.
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