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Transportation Service Cleaning Equipment

Whether you own a single truck or an entire fleet, we're ready.

We know CLEAN, which means we know that you want your operations to run efficiently, effectively and safely. We also know that image is everything for fleet owners and operators. Our Hotsy pressure washers are worth their weight in gold for transportation companies, helping keep your rigs sparkling clean and keeping mud, dirt and road grime at bay. With the right pressure washers and detergents from Hotsy Carlson in your corner, you can spend more time on the road and less time in the wash bay.

Nobody Knows Transportation Cleaning Like Hotsy

  • Choose from more than 80 pressure washer models

  • Portable units can easily move from one location to the next, taking  cleaning power to where you need it 

  • Set up a wash bay with LP or natural gas pressure washing units

  • Small machine options are designed to deliver big cleaning power in a little space so you can do more with less

  • Hotsy washers are designed to tackle caked-on dirt, grease, grime and mud

  • Powerful detergents help make your fleet shine, allowing your fleet to look great on the road

Client Testimonials

A local company by the name of Hotsy Carlson was selected to construct the facility we currently have here and keep the current vehicles we have clean. By keeping the new equipment clean, it extends the life and saves the taxpayer a great deal of money. It’s just doing the right thing, being a good steward to the taxpayer. The cleanliness of the equipment has many more benefits than just what we see with our eyes. Hotsy has played a significant role, because it’s helped us keep this equipment clean. The wash rack, the compressor that it uses inside. It’s virtually trouble-free. The car wash facility has enabled us to keep our vehicles in service at least 99%. It’s very effective on removing road grime, soil, asphalt, gravel. It has a tremendous amount of force and power. We have had real good success with the wash rack that we got. They make us feel like not only an important customer, but the only customer they have.

Ed Garcia / Fleet Supervisor / Travis County Eastside Service Center in Austin, TX

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