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A Guide on Pressure Washer Detergents for Texas Businesses

There are a surprising number of factors to consider when it comes to pressure washing. Every choice you make can change the results of pressure washing, from the type of pressure washer you use to the detergent you add. This is especially true for business owners who want to follow the law.

In Texas, there are regulations that businesses and individuals alike must follow when it comes to outdoor washing, including pressure washing. This means that the type of detergent you make is vital to getting the job done, following the law, and protecting the local environment. There is a lot for business owners to consider.

We’ll go over the best pressure washer detergents to consider using for your business to keep your equipment and property clean while abiding by local regulations and not harming the environment in the process. From how well each detergent can clean to how well each detergent suits the standards you’re playing by, we’ll cover it all so you can make an informed and proper decision.

EPA Regulations on pressure washing

The Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, is the government body that exists to protect our environment. Starting in 1972, the EPA began to enforce the Clean Water Act, which includes pressure washing regulations.

In Texas, these regulations are taken very seriously. Businesses could face a fine of up to

$25,000 per day if the chemicals used in detergents for pressure washers aren’t safe. It's important to understand what you can and can't do and what detergents are safe for pressure washers and the environment at large if you want to use a power washer as a business owner.

When it comes to pressure washing, any detergents must be EPA-approved, meaning they cannot include any chemicals considered harsh or toxic. A detergent that is dangerous for the

environment is illegal to use under Texas law, especially for outdoor pressure washing work.

Preserving local agriculture is essential, so choosing a detergent that won't harm plants and animals is necessary. Otherwise, the impact won’t just be felt by the company that’s fined; all of Texas will feel it as the environment suffers for it.

Choosing the Right Detergent

So, what’s the best detergent for the job? Are there any types of detergent that you can use to wash away dirt and grime without the risk of washing it all into the sewer, and which detergents are EPA approved? If you don’t know where to begin, finding the right detergent can be daunting, and we’re here to help.

At Hotsy Carlson, we sell the best detergents for the Texas business owner’s pressure washing needs. You can trust our detergents to fit state and EPA standards by being environmentally friendly, without harsh chemicals that can damage local plant life or contribute to air pollution.

Instead, we use pressure-washing business chemicals that you can trust. Here are a few

detergents we believe suit a variety of Texas businesses while remaining true to Texas pressure washing standards and ensuring a safe, efficient cleaning job.

Everything You Need for Safe and Efficient Pressure Washing

For decades, Hotsy Carlson has provided superior pressure washing equipment, detergent, and advice to the people of central Texas. We take great pride in our work, providing businesses and individuals alike with the pressure-washing help they need. From environmentally friendly solutions to following EPA guidelines to a knowledgeable and experienced team that’s ready to help, you can trust Hotsy to be there for you whenever you need to clean up in a safe, efficient, and green way. Contact us today to learn more.

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