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Best Pressure Washer Accessories for Hotsy Pressure Washers

Pressure washers work just fine from the manufacturer, and it helps to tailor their capabilities to your specific cleaning application. Nozzles, wands, injectors, surface cleaners and more can all make your cleaning process more effective and efficient while also improving ease of use and safety.

Some of the best pressure washer accessories and attachments for Hotsy pressure washers include the seven listed here.

1. Extension Wands and Lances

Among the most common attachments for pressure washers are extension wands and lances. Telescoping wands are fully adjustable to handle a wide range of distances, making them ideal for a variety of commercial and industrial cleaning tasks.

For instance, companies that clean home exteriors—which is among the fastest-growing sectors of the pressure washing market as of 2018—often make use of extension wands to reach high areas of buildings without the need for ladders and higher levels of pressure, improving convenience and safety.

2. Variable Pressure Wands

Different cleaning tasks require different levels of water pressure. Some surfaces can only be cleaned with high pressure systems while others are best served with a lower PSI. For instance, cleaning a wooden deck only requires about 1500 PSI, whereas deep cleaning on asphalt can require levels as high as 2000 to 3000 PSI. A variable pressure wand can allow you to make those adjustments on the spot with a single machine.

3. Surface Cleaners

While many areas can be cleaned with other accessories, when you have flat areas of concrete like driveways and sidewalks to clean, a surface cleaner is the best way to get a smooth and complete cleaning done. Without a Surface Cleaner, it’s almost impossible to get a clean surface without streaks and lines. The spinning bar of a surface cleaner spreads the cleaning evenly across concrete areas to leave them looking like new, and at 1/3 of the time required without a surface cleaner.

4. Hose Reel

If your pressure washer didn’t come with a hose reel already mounted, it’s a good idea to get one just for the convenience it provides. A hose reel allows quick and easy storage for your pressure washer hose when it’s not in use. In addition, it also keeps the hose from trailing behind you while you work, creating a safer and more convenient work environment.

5. Chemical Injector

Pressure Washers often make use of cleaning chemicals to scour away germs and grime from surfaces, and a chemical injector is an ideal way to utilize those chemicals as efficiently as possible. A chemical injector introduces cleaning chemicals into the water either before it’s pressurized (upstream) or afterward (downstream). Downstream injectors are more common and easier to use, the upstream injectors run the chemical through the pump, requiring a clean water flush after use to get any corrosive chemical out of the system.

6. Pressure Gauges

The performance of your pressure washer is tied to how well your machine maintains pressure. To monitor its performance, attaching a pressure gauge can be a good idea if your unit doesn’t already have one. Real-time readings on your pressure washer’s PSI levels can help you make sure it keeps running smoothly while alerting you to potential issues if numbers start to fluctuate.

7. Couplers and Quick Connects

Couplers and adapters are often necessary for making the most of your pressure washer. Adding new hoses, spray guns, wands, etc. may require the use of some form of adapter to make sure they fit tightly. Couplers come in many varieties, including quick connects that are designed to be put together without the need for twisting, making them quick and convenient in fast-paced cleaning environments.

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Best Pressure Washer Accessories for Hotsy Washers

If you need new parts or accessories for your pressure washer, Hotsy Carlson has you covered. We carry parts and attachments for Hotsy pressure washers as well as almost all other brands. See the accessories we offer or get in touch to learn more.

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Accessories for Pressure Washers

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