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Clean More from the Floor with Kärcher Cleaning Solutions

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Whether you work primarily indoors or outdoors, keeping the floor, sidewalks or other surfaces clean is a tough job. Dirt, grime and gunk can accumulate, especially in any location where foot or vehicle traffic may bring in moisture and mud or where debris like leaves, twigs or even garbage left behind by careless individuals can accumulate.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be difficult to keep up with cleaning floors and surfaces with the line of options available from Kärcher. The company offers an extensive line of surface and floor cleaning equipment, including both sweepers and scrubbers for indoor and outdoor use. So which is right for your needs? Well, that depends on your working environment.

Sweepers Are Great for Loose Dirt and Grime

Available in a number of different sizes and configurations to meet the needs of your operation, sweepers are a convenient and simple-to-operate piece of cleaning equipment to help keep your grounds and floors neat and tidy. Some models operate using only manual power, with the movement of the unit powering the brushes and pick-up capabilities. Others use battery power to effect a more effective deep clean, allowing for greater cleaning capacity with every pass.

Sweepers from Kärcher are available in four tiers – compact, walk-behind, ride-on and industrial.

Compact Sweepers

Most often used for day-to-day cleaning and spot cleaning needs, compact cleaners are quiet and easy to operate. These machines can easy hide in a closet or cleaning bay for use to manage small spills or clean up office spaces or low traffic areas on an as-needed basis.

Walk-Behind Sweepers

Living up to their name, walk-behind sweepers are pushed by the user and maneuvered around the area to be swept. These machines vary in size and capacity, with some units able to clean up to 39,600 square feet per hour. These models are also available as both manually powered units or battery-operated machines with enhanced cleaning power. The KM 70/20 C is one of our top sellers, offering manual operation, a foldable form design for easier storage and a gallon-sized storage bin that can hold waste while sweeping up to 30,000 square feet per hour.

Ride-On Sweepers

For larger, more expansive areas, ride-on sweepers make cleaning easy, simple and fast. These units offer up to 47,520 square feet per hour of cleaning capability, and are a convenient and fast solution for cleaning warehouses, loading docks – and even inside trailers – as well as keeping up the demands of cleaning retail and hospitality buildings.

Industrial Sweepers

Finally, the most powerful line of Kärcher sweepers are the industrial class. Like the ride-on series, these are operated by a driver, but offer as much as three times the cleaning power – up to 155,000 square feet of sweeping per hour. These sweepers are designed for use in more expansive or outdoor locations, and are great for car garages, parking lots, college and school grounds and other large occupied spaces.

Scrubber Your Way to Clean Floors

For other messes that require more than just sweeping power, Kärcher’s line of powerful scrubbers can take care of your cleaning needs. Offering more cleaning capability than sweepers, these machines carry the water and cleaning solutions needed to make your floors shine, and are available in a range of sizes and capacities to take on the needs of facilities large and small.

Compact Scrubbers

Small, agile and nimble, Kärcher’s compact line of scrubbers are designed to work in tight spaces like kitchen and food preparation areas, hospitals and medical centers. These units are available in corded, battery-powered or powerless (manual), depending on the specific scrubber model, and carry up to a 5.8 gallon fresh/waste water tank to keep cleaning, and the largest of the compact models – the BR 45/22 C – can clean up to 19,375 square feet per hour.

Walk-Behind Scrubbers

Have more space to cover? The line of walk-behind scrubbers has you covered. These units are battery powered and driven like massive, scrubbing shopping carts, offering an incredible amount of cleaning power in an easy-to-control design. The BD 50/50 Scrubber from Kärcher is one of our leading sellers and offers multiple cleaning modes – scrub and vacuum, vacuum only and scrub only – giving it versatility in the field. It’s also able to handle cleaning up to 13,200 square feet per hour and is powered by two AGM batteries. These units are great for schools, hotels, construction sites and many other environments.

Stand-On/Ride-On Scrubbers

Finally, the largest models of scrubber are able to tackle the largest jobs, such as cleaning airports, malls, large factories, multi-story hotels or office buildings. These models offer a range of features and capabilities, and can be fitted with additional options like specialized brush kits, roofs for use indoors and outdoors, and headlights and signal lights for use in high-traffic areas. The largest model – the B 300 R – offers an incredible 178,144 square feet per hour of cleaning capability.

Cleaning from the Outside In

One last tip to help with your cleaning jobs – we recommend always staging your cleaning plan to start outside and work your way indoors. Most dirt and grime in high-traffic areas is brought in from the outdoors. That means you should start by cleaning the walkways, parking lots and areas outside that are furthest from your entry doors, working closer and closer to the access points. Once you’ve cleaned outside, turn your focus indoors, and use sweepers and scrubbers to clean floors nearest your entry points before working further into the building, with the locations furthest from your doors being the last areas cleaned.

Find Everything You Need for CLEAN at Hotsy Carlson

Hotsy Carlson offers a full range of Kärcher scrubbers and sweepers, helping you to keep your properties clean and tidy. We also stock a variety of specialized detergents to tackle specific soils that you may need to clean, as well as attachments and additional cleaning supplies to help you get and keep your property looking great. Learn how we can help you stay ahead of dirt today. Stop in to any of our convenient locations or give us a call.

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